Vince Lipoff is a main character in Our Generation. He is the son of Mercedes and Phil. He is really sweet and he is straight.

He is portrayed by Brandon T. Jackson. He was created ALittleDifferent88.


He was born October 16, 2025. Not much is knkwn about his history.


He is calm and nice. He doesn't like to talk a lot unless its about his grades or school related, he is the star quarterback so he is pretty popular. Luckily he doesn't let that stardom go to his brain. When he was younger he was made fun of and called names because he was considered a nerd. He never thought much of it and would ignore the person no matter what. Vince doesn't like conflict and hates to get involved, but ends up anyways. He isn't shy and he is a team player he works well with others, but looses his temper when something goes wrong (perfectionist). He's a little OCD when it comes to girls he doesn't know how to react he gets shy and flustered. Even though he is all of these things he has good judgement and he is very prideful no matter how nice he may seem. Though he does seem like the shy type he is not he just is diversely focused on school, but is a little cocky and loves to be loud when it comes to music.