An all girls rival show choir.

Current MembersEdit

Lila Manning (lead)- Katharine McPhee

Kayla Foxx- Chelsea Kane
Chelsea Kane Staub1

Jane Maurice- Sarah Hyland
Sarah-hyland 162747-1920x1200

Maia Embers- Phoebe Tonkin


Lila Manning- She is ruthless and blood-thirsty. She will do anything to win, except cheat. She plays dirty, sometimes badmouths the competition and is super controlling of The Single Ladies. Her rule is if your are a single lady and you can sing, you can join. But that doesn't stop her from having one night stands with a different boy each night. 

Kayla Foxx- A dumb blonde. She is one of Lila's sidekicks, but has a powerful voice, which is Lila's secret weapon. She is super gullible and believes everything. She barely passed every grade, but her teachers did not want her again for the grade, so she has kept up to be a sophomore. She is super giggly and impressionable, that she can be friends with anyone. Kayla is a lesbian, and really doesn't know how to deal with it.

Jane Maurice- Wouldn't be one of Lila's sidekicks or a Single Lady if it weren't for her dance moves, another one of Lila's secret weapon. She is the smartest person at her high school and and has 4.0 average. She dreams of being a scientist until lately she's been having thoughts of her dancing and singing on a stage. She is Kayla's true best friend and really cares for her. With Jane being bi-sexual, she has developed a crush on Kayla.

Maia Embers- She was forced to join by the principal after almost getting expelled. She is rebellious and always questions authority. She is the only one to stand up to Lila, which frightens Lila. Lila is hardest on her because of this. Despite her reluctance to join the Single Ladies, she actually has fun and is a good singer and dancer.