Lena Richards is a main character in Our Generation. She is the adoptive daughter of Unique and Jonas Richards. She is very quiet and reserved, except when around friends. She is a closeted lesbian.

She is portrayed by Alicia Keys. She is created by IloveheartlandX.


She was adopted from a family in England, though her biological parents are spanish. She does not know she is adopted. She speaks her biological family's language. She was born on September 16, 2027.


Lena is quiet and shy and no one except her close friends really notice her which she kind of likes because she gets embarrassed easily when people notice her. She's clever and sporty but not particularly confident or outgoing-in fact she's an introvert. She's extremely secretive and sensitive about her home life and only her close friends know what's going on in her life. Although shy, she has a very short temper and will lash out at anyone who insults her, her family or her friends. She is very loyal to her friends. She is stubborn and quietly determined. She does whatever she wants no matter what other people think. She has a really good sense of humour that only her friends and people close to her see. She's very modest about her abilities & gets easily embarrassed when she's praised. She's very sweet and kind towards people.

Clothing Style/AppearanceEdit

Lena has olive skin and dark brown wavy hair that reaches just past shoulder length. She's very tall (5'11) and is always tripping up over her own feet which are huge (so she's not a great dancer). She has very long legs and a muscular and athletic figure. She has smokey grey eyes and long eyelashes. She has a small nose and ears but very full lips. She has a daisy tattoo on her right shoulder. She weighs about 160 lbs. She wears her hair loose and over her face because she's very shy and she gets embarrassed when people tell her she's pretty. She could wear clothes that show off her figure more but she doesn't because she's embarrassed.

She wears grey trackies, a black hoodie, black trainers and a blue baseball cap.