She is a main character in thestory Our Generation. She is the daughter of Santana and biological daughter of Brittany. Her sister is Anna Lopez-Pierce. She is snarky and fierce, but when she isn't around her sister, she becomes shy and quiet. She looks up to Anna. She is straight.

Her celebrity portrayor is Chloe Grace Moretz. She was created by ALittleDifferen88.


She was born August 20, 2029. Not much is known about her history, except that she was bullied in middle school and her sister always stood up for her.


Emma is much like her sister and looks up to her. She is constantly around her 24/7. Emma is a smart mouth. So far she has dyslexia and ADHD so she has a bit of a hard time in school. Emma tries to help out a lot, but tend to mess up because shes a clutz. Emma is rather negative about everything and looses hope quickly. Emma is a little more respectful and tries to not loose her temper. She rarely smiles and is normally a downer in certain situations. Emma is a little shy when she's not around her sister. Emma is normally friendly, but does have a strong tendency to swear and to jump to conclusions. Emma isn't very trusting. She has major trust issues the reason for that is because she was humiliated in middle school and has had been reluctant to trust anyone after that. Unlike her sister she likes to avoid trouble and has better judgement. She is also over dramatic and makes too big of a deal out of things.