Calypso Lynn is a main character of Our Generation. Her parents are Kitty Hart and Ryder Lynn. She was born on a one night stand between her parents. She is feisty, rude, but very sweet and is athletic.

She is portrayed by Rebecca Breeds.


She was born August 13, 2026. Her parents hooked up at Marley and Jake's wedding, when Kitty was trying to make Joe Hart jealous by sleeping with Ryder. Ryder accepted, because he was a little sad that his former crush was marrying his best friend. Ryder got joint custody of Calypso with Kitty, but she lives with Ryder. Calypso was named after Ryder's younger sister who died as a newborn.


She is a typical teenager. She stays up late, goes to parties, goes to school. But she also cares for her father, stays up late to help him, goes to parties when her father insists, goes to school early to help her father set up. She can be rebellious against teachers and authority. But never her father. She loves her father more than anything and will only listen to him, not even her mother. She can be mean, rude, sarcastic, but can also be witty, funny, sweet, and nice. She is very modest and likes to lay low. She doesn't want to draw attention to herself, but wouldn't freak out if the spotlight was on her. She dosn't really care what people think about her, because she got over that years ago. She is a very hard-worker and always does her best. She is very athletic and plays basketball, soccer, and track.She is always determined and persistant. Athletics is one thing she isn't modest about because she knows she is good. Though she wouldn't admit it, she loves to sing and dance. She is a world-class liar and can get herself out of anything. She can be very devious when she wants to. She can also be a big drama queen and over-dramatic.