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Bailey Hudson is the daughter of Rachel and Finn Hudson. She is very quiet and shy, but is athletic, witty and loves making her friends laugh. She is a closeted lesbian. She is 16 years old. She is a main character.

Bailey is portrayed by Vanessa Hudgens. She was created by IloveheartlandX.


Not much is known about Bailey's history. She was born June 9, 2027. 


Bailey is more like her dad than her mum. She's a very shy girl and quite modest about her abilities and she often doubts how good she is even though she's incredibly talented. She's athletic and loves to play sports with her dad especially football. She is reasonably clever but she prefers arty subjects to academic subjects. Her art is one area where she's not modest- she knows how good she is at drawing & painting. She's very witty and loves to make her friends laugh- she's especially good at doing impressions. She's not very self-confident. She's clumsy like her dad and is always tripping over her own feet (and other people's although her dancing doesn't injure people like her dads does).

​Clothing Style/Celebrity Appearance

She has wavy chocolate brown hair that reaches her shoulders and hazel eyes. She is very short (only 5'2) and is toned from playing lots of sport. She has Finn's nose but Rachel's mouth. She has tanned skin. Her fringe covers her left eye. She has a scar on her chin from where she fell off her bike when she was younger. She has thin dark eyebrows and long eyelashes. She has small feet. She always wears her hair in a messy ponytail to keep it out of her way when she's painting. Her celebrity look-a-like is Vanessa Hudgens. 

She normally wears jeans, hoodie, trainers and a baseball cap. She is never seen without her gold locket which has her initial B on in it and was given to her by her mum when she was born or her silver hoop earrings which were a Christmas present from her dad.