​Aubrey Shuester is a main character in the story Our Generation. She is the daughter of Emma and Will Shuester and fraternal twin sister of Rebecca Shuester. She is alot like her mother, being a perfectionist and is the opposite of Rebecca.


Was born November 9, 2027. She was born and raised in Lima her whole life and was devastated to leave her friends to go to New York. Moved to New York sophomore.


She is very much the opposite of her sister. In fact, she's a lot like her mother. She's a major perfectionist. Everything has to be perfect for her: perfect organization, perfect grades etc. She's really focused into school. She's definitely an overachiever. Doing work to her best ability is never good enough- it has to be THE best. She has to make sure to cross all her ts and dot all her Is and go over the rubric 10 times to make sure she has absolutely everything. She keeps a normal daily routine and she doesn't like it when it gets messed up. She doesn't like change, even in small things, such as a cable provider. She isn't super outgoing, in fact she's a little shy. She's not comfortable with people she doesn't know. She throws herself into her school work, and she's very smart. She always goes above and beyond on everything to try and prove herself and be perfect. She refuses to break rules or do anything that she is unsure of. She has to know what she is doing and be in control of herself at all times. 

​Clothing Style/ AppearanceEdit

Like her sister, she has dark brown hair, but she keeps it it's natural color. Her hair is longer, down to her shoulder blades, and always kept neat and straight. She usually wears it with down with the front parts pinned back. She is the same height and just as tall and thin as her sister, but appears more petite and frail, as she isn't as muscular. She laps has her dads green eyes.

She beloved you should always look the part, and not be sloppy or untasteful. She has a very girly style, and she doesn't like to look sexy or revealing. A typical outfit for her would be a sweater, floral skirt, and ballet flats. 

Aubrey-Rebecca RelationshipEdit

Aubrey and Rebecca Shuester are fraternal twins. See Rebecca-Aubrey Relationship for more info.